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Business Services and Human Capital

Our local presence allows us to lock arms with founders and owners, providing knowledge for the long term and deep sector expertise.

Business Services and Human Capital

The Georgia Oak team takes a collaborative approach focused on identifying key growth opportunities and providing the necessary tools to take advantage of them. Working through business strategy, client relationship management, and business process optimization, our team has a track record of success working in the Business Services and Human Capital sectors.


Business Services and Human Capital CASE STUDIES

TeamOne Logistics

Georgia Oak helped to facilitate leadership and add depth to the executive ...

TeamOne Logistics:

Protecting Legacy. Preparing for Growth.


Founded in 2003 by Jerry Gray, TeamOne Logistics is a workforce partner based in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is focused on the asset-based transportation and logistics industry. Aiming to be an enhanced alternative to typical staffing and leasing companies, TeamOne Logistics offers expertise and solutions in recruiting, safety, compliance, and insurance. “In the transportation logistics industry, finding and keeping safe, qualified employees is a tall task. With TeamOne Logistics as your partner, that tall task is our top priority,” said CEO Page Siplon.


The transportation logistics industry comes with many unique issues and TeamOne Logistics needed a partner to help navigate those industry-specific issues and execute a top-line growth strategy plan. As TeamOne Logistics considered the options, Georgia Oak stood out due to its commitment to local businesses, economic growth, and focus on securing legacy. The partnership launched in December of 2012, and Georgia Oak assisted TeamOne Logistics on several fronts by focusing on a long-term strategic plan and providing additional leadership capabilities. Georgia Oak operating partner Dean Ditmar joined TeamOne Logistics as Chief Commercial Officer to assist CEO Page Siplon in growing the company. Siplon spoke about the impact the partnership has had on the company: “Sharing my vision for growth with the team drives strong morale in a big way. Our growth impacts every single one of us on the team, and we all need to work together to make it happen.”


Today, TeamOne Logistics is a leader in the transportation logistics industry. The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated several challenges in transportation logistics, such as increased driver shortages and costs of shipping. “Both finding people and keeping them is becoming more and more difficult,” Siplon explained. “In March, we hit a record low for commercial driver availability.” TeamOne Logistics is trusted to help its clients navigate these issues through an experienced team of employees with broad expertise across the country. A dedicated focus on building a legacy and economic growth through the partnership with Georgia Oak has helped TeamOne Logistics become a nationally recognized workforce partner.