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Multi-Unit and Franchising

Our local presence allows us to lock arms with founders and owners, providing knowledge for the long term and deep sector expertise.

Multi-Unit and Franchising Case Studies

Georgia Oak’s record of success in Franchising industry investments stems from our real-world experience in owning Multi-Unit franchise operations. Utilizing knowledge of business strategy and brand expansion, our Operating team has deep experience managing franchises of all sizes.


Multi-unit and Franchising CASE STUDIES

Farm Burger

Farm Burger's hometown neighbor, Georgia Oak, was the right partner to inje ...

Jump Starting Growth

From an idea that started after a trip to Italy in 2006, Your Pie - with Ge ...

Farm Burger:


Farm Burger is a fast and casual burger chain started in Athens, Georgia. It was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating a restaurant featuring sustainable, local, and humanely treated ingredients. Farm Burger sources all their ingredients from local, natural farms, and only uses meat from grass-fed and antibiotic-free cows. The first location opened in 2010 serving award-winning burgers as well as locally sourced chicken, pork, salads, fries, and seasonal menu items. 



Farm Burger opened several locations across Georgia and saw an opportunity to expand into more southeastern states. To help with the expansion, Farm Burger partnered with Georgia Oak in 2016. Georgia Oak stood out due to their commitment to Georgia-based companies and a shared commitment to sustainability. 


“This really helps us have a lot of good expertise and a wealth of experience to help grow our small company. We are at stage where you need more help behind the scenes,” said George Frangos, co-founder of Farm Burger, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Mike Lonergan, Managing Partner at Georgia Oak, also saw the partnership as a perfect match. “Farm Burger’s ethos is really in alignment with what Georgia Oak is all about,” he said. “We are both dedicated to working with local partners to produce superior results. This investment demonstrates our commitment to providing resources for Georgia-based companies to reach their full potential.” Georgia Oak provided both capital and franchising expertise to help accelerate Farm Burger’s growth.



Since their partnership with Georgia Oak, Farm Burger has opened locations in Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. The chain has been featured in several lists of the best burgers in the U.S., and the team continues their commitment to sustainable ingredients provided by local farms. Georgia Oak will continue to support Farm Burger and help them capitalize on future growth opportunities.


Jump Starting Growth:


Your Pie, based in Athens, Georgia, is known for its customizable brick-oven pizzas and gelato. In 2008, Drew French founded Your Pie, with its unique take on customizable pizza, as one of the first restaurants to do pizza in the “fast casual” category. French’s goal to “Do every small thing with passion and greatness” resonated with customers and Your Pie saw quick success. Wanting to capitalize on their early success, French looked to the future, aiming to expand the chain and open several more locations across the country. 


In 2013, Your Pie partnered with Georgia Oak to support the expansion. “To grow at the rate we want to grow … we wanted to inject, not only financial capital, but intellectual capital. We’re real excited. We know that we have great partners now,” said French to the Saporta Report. Georgia Oak provided financial support and assisted with leadership and marketing. They helped recruit Ashley Williams as Director of Training to ensure consistent customer experiences and Lisa Dimson as Chief Marketing Officer, who focused on improving Your Pie’s online experience after COVID. 


Georgia Oak's support made a positive impact that still resonates a decade later. In 2022, Your Pie has locations in several states and plans to keep expanding. The chain has won awards as a top-performing franchise and continues to chase success. Through their partnership, Georgia Oak helped jump start Your Pie’s expansion and will help face whatever new challenges lie ahead.