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Rooted Locally.
Connected Globally.

Georgia Oak Partners makes equity investments in Southeast-based founder- and family-owned companies

It’s Your Legacy. It’s Our Honor.

Georgia Oak makes equity investments in founder- and family-owned companies with the flexibility to complete full buyouts or to invest as a significant minority equity partner. We are investors and partners for owners who are deeply passionate about their legacy and the growth prospects of their businesses.


Southeastern-based and
committed to helping founders
secure their legacies.



Rooted locally
and connected globally.



Our philosophy is built around
supporting people and building
stronger communities through the
preservation of a founder’s legacy.



Creating value and ensuring
a sustainable future for
your team, company and community.


Each partnership we forge is done with the utmost consideration of businesses’ employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and other key stakeholders. Our purpose is to align everyone with a common goal.