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Multi-Unit and Franchising

Our local presence allows us to lock arms with founders and owners, providing knowledge for the long term and deep sector expertise.

Our Focus

Our operating partners have a wide range of experience, with over 32 years of operating experience in the multi-unit and franchising space. We are passionate about helping owners overcome growing pains and partnering with management teams to build a long-lasting legacy.

We have deep expertise in:

Education, Youth Coaching | Health, Wellness, Beauty | Home Services

Transaction Sizes

EBITDA: $3 to $15 Million

Equity Investment: $5 to $40 Million

Enterprise Value: $15 to $100 Million

Our current partnerships include:

Case Studies

Past successes point to our familiarity with founder-owner Multi-Unit and Franchising businesses, and how we help them secure a sustainable future for their companies. Explore our Multi-Unit and Franchising case studies below.

Farm Burger

Farm Burger's hometown neighbor, Georgia Oak, was the right partner to inject capital to help this farm-to-table, purveyor-owned burger joint grow, one location at a time... ...

Jump Starting Growth

From an idea that started after a trip to Italy in 2006, Your Pie - with Georgia Oak's support - has grown from its original location in Athens, GA to more than 70 locations in 19 states. Learn more... ...